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Lissan's Pedagogy

Training and Mentorship

Lissan offers its teachers professional training several times a year and provides year-long pedagogical guidance and mentorship, allowing teachers to hone their skills and ensure quality education in the classroom.

Lissan’s Teaching Materials

Lissan’s textbooks and teaching materials, as opposed to other materials on the market, were specially developed in accordance with the needs of our students. They offer practical and relevant content while taking cultural and political considerations into account. The names, examples, exercises, and topics taught were taken from the lives of our students, and with their input. As a result, students see themselves reflected in the lessons, and have space to express their identities in the language. We emphasize Hebrew conversational skills and the ability to express oneself with the aim of strengthening each student’s self-confidence and self-efficacy in speaking. We do this via experiential and interactive learning, making our students an active part of the learning process.

Practical Study

Lissan has developed a curriculum tailored to the needs of our target audiences, focusing on themes that are immediately relevant to our students. Subjects include: accessing basic rights, employment, bureaucracy, family, health care, and navigating the public domain.

A woman in a hijab holds Lissan's textbook on the backdrop of a path outside at Hebrew University

Pedagogical Principles

Hebrew in Hebrew

We aim to teach our Hebrew courses entirely in Hebrew. In this way, our students begin to understand Hebrew, have more exposure to the language, and become accustomed to speaking and hearing Hebrew from the very beginning of their studies.

A focus on communication

Our courses focus on providing the practical language skills necessary to communicate effectively in Hebrew. To this end, each unit includes the four components of language: listening, speaking, reading  and writing.

A page from Lissan's Hebrew textbook with text "Who Am I?"
The cover of Lissan's level A1 Hebrew textbook

Grammar education

Grammar is taught gradually and in a natural context.

Authentic materials

We strive to include authentic texts and materials according to students’ level, taking into account cultural and political sensitivities.

Relevant materials

Our teaching materials are designed to be relevant to our students' daily lives and needs, taking into account their cultural, religious, and national backgrounds.

Active participation

Students actively participate in classes via group recitation, group work, conversations, role play, digital games, songs, videos, and more.

Variety in teaching methods

Every lesson includes a number of teaching methods, including: frontal teaching, working in pairs and small groups, one-on-one, and more.

Enjoyment and success

We teach in a way that is fun and enjoyable for our students and sets them up for success.

A page from Lissan's Hebrew textbook about the market teaching the names of fruits and vegetables in Hebrew
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