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Project Aleph

Hebrew and Arabic language courses for alumni of Israeli-Palestinian tech programs

שיעור עברית בזום

While English serves peacebuilding organizations as a relatively neutral language that allows Israelis and Palestinians to conduct a constructive dialogue, a key step towards building a shared society that is based on equity and true partnership is learning the mother tongue of the other nationality. Project Aleph, a unique partnership between Lissan and MEET with the generous support of B8 of Hope, offers Israeli and Palestinian alumni of tech oriented programs the opportunity to learn Hebrew and Arabic. Alumni of participating organizations, including MEET, PIP, and 50:50 Startups, thus have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of and improve their capacity to work with Israelis/Palestinians. 

Project Aleph Partners

לוגו של מיט
לוגו של Palestinian Internship Program
לוגו של 50:50 Startups
לוגו של מדרסה
לוגו של B8 of Hope
שיעור עברית בזום
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